Stand for what

What do you yearn for? What do you live by?
For I assure you that is what you’ll die by.
A pessimist’s outlook I do not desire,
More I plead a deep need to in someone inspire-
A new way of being, a place we all exist,
Where suffering and conflict no longer can persist.
Where all pursuits of action, we realise are tokens,
That everything we choose to fund or say is a promotion.

And thus we must think carefully, take a time to know,
The implications of our actions as we come and go,
The pressure’s an illusion, the wants and needs assigned,
The harsh reality we face with which we’re not aligned.
If these roles are fabrication, and we are all exploited,
If we do not agree with how our roles have been appointed,
What’s the point of anything if all is governed by oppression?
I urge we fight this plight despite these structures of depression.

For what if all it takes is a shifting of perspective?
That just by utterance perhaps we’ll find a new objective,
Perhaps we’ve always known them but we just have not been taught
To question what there is and why and to concern the “ought”.
Ought I live by this message, abide by these rules?
To pretend that this fight will be won through their tools?
A new approach is needed, we all recognise,
We can’t survive the things they tell us, without tears in our eyes;
Aware we’re the lucky ones, the ones who have survived
Though there’s deep and aching love for all the lost ones left behind.

A constant fear of whose time will come next and when and why.

We know there’s a system that is unjust and broken
And yet there is no change, remains a notion that’s just spoken
I just can not in words convey just how bizarre that I find it,
How much this set-up kills us all and somehow we don’t mind it…

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