Rabbit hole

Trying to recall lost calendar dates.

Those appointments that we made that once were vague, an age away

Are here; And deadlines come and chances go

But it’s too late before you know.

At that time nothing to do,

Convince yourself the day anew

Will rise, reveal a better you

A clearer head for point of view-

And yet when morning comes too soon,

A yawn filled coffee fuelled afternoon,

Barely know what food you’re eating,

Back in pain from over-seating,

Overheating on the tube,

Smell cigarettes they crave like lube

To smooth the movements of the day,

Pretend I’m in control that way but night does fall

And thoughts do prey.

Those promises I made that day

That fade away in all I’m doing,

Can I pray she’s out there watching?

Knowing all she’d hear and see,

How changed from how she’d thought of me,

Her new perception would now be-

I’ll make you proud one day, don’t leave.

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