Angels with Demons

Loved though never cherished,

Lived yet daily perished;

Dark casket rotten yet embellished,

Purest pearls and golden chains,

Such that even buried deep a glistening

in her remains.

Imagine they’d been listening,

Heard the songs she had to sing

Heard the stories she could tell

Warmed her heart, the simple thing.

Together that simple match. The one

That lights a furnace,

Warms a room and spirals through us,

Burns and yearns in earnest.

By the time the fire has died

The company has long retired,

Nothing in these sullen ashes

Nears what flames she bore inspired.

Losing it, and who knows why?

Apologies are weak and dry,

Would rather move on all alone,

Evaluate, observe and grow.

If I set myself alight, torch myself in fuel to dance

Amid the flames assured these pains will give to me in life a chance,

I will not find my purpose

For I will this life won’t be a circus,

More will come on later pages

Of this book than these tough stages.

Lucifer I was not sent to you

My friend, not yet.

Therefore before I pay my debt

I’d like to live at least earth sent.

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