A needle in a haystack is one moment you can spare me.

I pray for a way, to drag you away, for your dark, empty stare does despair me.

Try to prise you away, my prize from last May- each time I do my mind’s disrupted,

By a bleak memory, a ghost now of me, whose foresight was clearly corrupted-

I laughed and we joked, over joints that we smoked at how she could be so controlling,

To complain and to moan, when your game and your phone, are the realms she should not be revolved in.

But frankly my dear, the difference is clear, between her and I in a million ways,

To claim any different is not just ridiculous, painted in tones that maliciously pain…

But we can agree on one thing for sure,

Which is that a woman deserves so much more.

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