Pandora was careful and patient. Her beauty a gift of the Gods.
Only a sentence on Earth with a man, could put all their planning at odds.
Of course any Deity so mighty, could have guessed such a fate might adduce,
And what deep kind of longing, that logic avoids, that the words that he breathed might seduce.

“There’s nothing of interest in here dear… Just make sure you never find out-
It is worthless for sure, to your sense I implore when I say that you must be devout.
When you take this oath, so strictly imposed, which I have so strongly proposed-
For as long as you’re there,
Take the greatest of care
That this jar that you bare, is eternally closed.”

So the years they go by as they do on this plane
With a husband, a family, story the same,
And yet in the back of her ear the God’s whisper
That box that she buried from which He forbid her-
Crept into her bed and its tempting tongue kissed her.

When the box she opened, as the story always goes,
A woman’s slight of judgement reaps the cause of all man’s woes-
And yet when a murderous man’s in a story
He acts on his own or he acts out of glory.
Women are weaker, or so they’re portrayed,
Give in to temptations , their tethers all frayed,
Cast in dimmed spotlights men pillage and rape,
Just like in the stories, God’s biblical ape.
Complain that the world is made worse by red tape
That there’s further and darker, the steps we can take,
That man needs more freedom but don’t they know there’s danger?
Ever since the day our dear Pandora took her box and took a wager.

Opened up a doorway, to death of every kind
At least, the story goes, there still is good; just hard to find.

Forgive the (lack of) painting skills (and tools) and of patience to wait till the paint dries.

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