Marx My Words

I really hate consumerism, so I’m pretty frugal,
But like the rest of us I’m still susceptible to Google,
Find myself on ebay, browsing, at all times of day,
Things I know I do not need but I will buy them anyway.

As if because it’s second-hand,
I don’t answer bourgeois command,
Although in all these Western lands
We have no choice than their demands.

For their desires become our own
Their presence so deep it’s unknown,
Our consciousness and all we have
Directed down their chosen path.

It’s information warfare,
They don’t care about our welfare;
Whether we are happy, whether we survive or not-
Even if we don’t, we will still pay them for our resting plot.

The whole system is devised, so blatantly before our eyes,
To perpetuate the lies, of the few who seek to gain,
Yet we barely realise that in our hands the power lies,
They have no system left to rule after we’ve broken off all ties.

There’s more of us, so many more
With stakes in doing something better
Somewhere there are planes of thought
Of ways to live that do not fetter.

You may call me a communist, that’s fine, I took the time to look
At what Karl Marx was really saying, cover to cover, re-read his book.
The only thing that I want and need
Is an end to cruelty, and oppression and greed,

He was willing and ready, to let the times dictate
What precisely do his words mean and to whom do they relate,
Every single one of us, should each possess the power
To state the way we’d like to live and work and spend each hour.

We deserve to live in pleasure, we deserve to live with ease,
To write creatively and peacefully with no elite to please,
A structure that won’t favour anything but what is done and said,
We will reform a society, so privilege is gone and dead.

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