I had a missed call from my sister.
Not calling her back right away,
Tight lipped, silent play
I dismissed her.

Not for her sake.
But for what I don’t know,
Feelings come, ebb and flow,
Quiet mistakes.

But when I did give in
Just hearing her voice
Was the very best choice,
Laughs I can’t reel in.

The warmth lasts for hours, it’s still there
I realise I’d been
Like a baby it seems
To turn and spit medicine meant for my care.

Yet in those stubborn instants
When I act worse than an infant,
I really do believe I’d rather sit like this.
Would rather be alone.
Would rather not remember home,
Would rather sulk than even feel the sweetness of his kiss.

But pride’s a waste, see
And I am hasty to admit,
I make mistakes and I talk shit,
But I don’t mean it.
I mean, I did… but that was not the me you’re hearing
Now I’m here, my thoughts are clearing,
Can you believe it?

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