What a World

How can one find strength to think or write anything else? Evidently there’s no justice, and the structures that we are compelled into by guarantees of a safe and cohabitable experience, a better life than solitude, security and liberty, have all been an absolute farce. The social contract is torn to shreds as in our faces are constantly waved these glaring cruelties for which there seems to be no judge powerful enough or willing enough to put an end to. Not for the first time in my life I pray that there’s a merciful God just such that those who have used their will and authority for the purpose of harm and death and cruelty will get what they deserve, and burn. For I think only Lucifer himself could muster a confession, only a fiery and painful eternity could entice any feelings of remorse. Do they even know what they do? Do they know what they do to us all?

Everything that we do has been dictated to us by society, every act that is forbidden or shameful, any expectations we can hope to have, how our self perception and the perception of others should be. They corrupt the very definition of our livelihoods when they murder our brothers and sisters innocently, systematically. Children who have barely brushed life have brushed death and bloody hands have been allowed to live on and touch others and kill more, hungry for blood and desperate for release. Purging. They are monsters and must be reprimanded. They are everything mankind should not be and they can not therefore be granted responsibility within our precious communities. Our children and fathers. You may feel safe. Many never will. I tremble with fear that resonates with me because I have eyes and a heart and I feel what you feel in the mildest way, in retrospect, and I’m livid, I’m exhausted, and I’m ready to command a change and I have a great deal of privilege with which I have been endowed. That is beyond my control. To say I would trade places sounds like I have missed the point, have underestimated the danger, somehow think that I could handle it better. I don’t. But if it were one less innocent death I would take it. I want to help you and I’m sorry.

Please let this be the last. Please let this stand be strong and final and global and magnificent. Let us reform our society and fix these social structures, norms and realities that were made up in the first place and do not serve their purposes. This life, this society, this domination and cruelty is all that we have known, but this trial has been an error and there MUST BE ANOTHER WAY. We are humans endowed with reason, love, compassion, opportunity, voice, soul, and that will be our power. This will never be stripped from us, as long as we stand together and the message from our lips is clear and unified…

We will no longer accept authority, accept conformity, accept society unless that society answers to us.

Look after us, teach us that we are loved, teach us that we can do better, encourage us to think of a way forward because the past is disgusting and murky and we’re sinking into it like quicksand and its hardening like cement around our ankles. Around some of us, it reaches our waist, their neck, and they can no longer breathe. So we must do everything in our power to protect them, everything in our power to deter these horrors, no more business as usual until business as usual entails fairness, safety, kindness, tranquility, tolerance, and respect for every single human being regardless of race, gender, or anything else that is arbitrary or harmless.

We will no longer be quiet and anxious in our homes reading headlines that revolt us and shivering into a dreamless sleep, crying at the vast injustices that permeate all around us, to us, to others, to the planet. No more brexits and fuckeries about the royal family. No more of all of this stupid schoolyard arguing and pathetic hurling of insults that politics has become. We need an accountable, strong, powerful government, that spends its every waking moment, every breath and resource on looking at the biggest instances of suffering and likely disasters, the prejudices and cruelties that are destroying every one of us inside and out, and doing everything in their power to protect us. ALL OF US.

We share this planet and for some reason or another, all of us were unfortunate or otherwise enough to be plonked here at the same time. We have to look after each other. No matter where we are from or what we believe in, we have to look after each other. We can not turn the other way and pretend not to see, we must ditch the apathy and be heard. Not clicktivism, but crawling on hands and knees and screaming until the change comes. I hope this is a turning point for justice. But I fear these words have been uttered a million times before in various epochs, and yet here we are. But optimism will not kill us, as long as we work as hard as we can to fight injustice where we see it, to back up our words with whatever stands we can make.

I’m with you, protestors in the US.

Stay strong, and maybe we can change something a little bit. We’re with you.

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