Depth & Beauty

The depth of your mind is astounding.

The sound of your voice is so grounding.

I cannot but find in you kingdoms,

Grand and kind and true;

Our makers may begin our tales,

But can’t choose what the end entails.

Gripped tightly by sweet blessings,

But they curdle in my gut.

My stomach ache groans through my chest

This part they say they love the best-

The fullest heart and fuller breast.

Truths I cannot but attest,

Laden love and left unrest-

Sent from up above to test.

Righteous death for passive life,

Taking in two hands with strife,

Eager, lustful, always trustful,

Mustering the dust aside,

Picking cobwebs from my hair and

Worse what could be purged inside.

I fear not for time has failed,

Ships that should have docked have sailed

Sheep that should have flocked have flailed,

The good of earth hung, drawn and nailed.

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