Alas, there is no in between.

Too bad or too good, too nice or too mean.

Drink my coffee too fast

“come on babe it’s not water”,

Now I’m making it last

“don’t you want it? You outta.”

Minutes pass faster when you’re standing still

Health is much more appealing once you’ve fallen ill.

Histories intriguing but only with distance,

Stories only worth telling when nobody listens.

I’m reading aloud like I’m proud of my voice:

Silenced when you’re around, what is said by my choice?

Interpretations; fights at gas stations

Our baggage we lug across borders, ‘cross nations.

I sing when alone I love home only then,

But I don’t mean to hurt you, I love you no end,

Yet I just cannot hide, this yearning to be

Alone on a journey, approaching the sea.

Singing in forests where no one can hear

But the tiniest birds and the shyest of deer.

Leaves rustle,

I hustle

With wind and with sun.

Harder to guess,

But they go as they come.


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